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Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life! So much planning, thought and money goes into this big day when you commit your life to your partner. Every little detail is planned, down to the color of the napkins and the perfect ribbon to tie your bouquet. But after the wedding is all said and done, you’ve said your “I Do’s”, you’ve toasted, danced, and thrown your bouquet; then life begins to settle down and go back to “normal” or begin a new “normal.

Then a couple of weeks or a month later, when you’ve all but forgotten that Aunt Jo drank a few too many signature cocktails and you’re adorable baby nephew screamed in the middle of the ceremony; you get an email from your photographer telling you that your edited photos are done! It’s literally almost as good as the wedding day itself because you aren’t stressed or nervous, you’ve been eating like a normal person again and the two-a-day workouts have ended, you’ve caught up on your sleep and you and your partner can snuggle up in your PJs and look at each photo together reminiscing on the day and falling in love all over again!

But what do you do after you have looked at all of the photos (over and over again)? Do they just sit on your computer until the next time you are feeling nostalgic? The answer is and should always be “No Way!” You probably spent a decent amount of money on those photos and it’s the only thing that will literally last a lifetime, other than of course, your relationship.

Displaying your Wedding Photos

There are many ways you can display your wedding photos in your home, and we’re going to share our favorite ways with you.

  • An elegant lay-flat photo book
  • Canvases
  • Gallery walls in your home
  • Thank you cards and/or Holiday cards

Below are a few ideas to start thinking of getting your space ready. Read our next blog to find out how to display them and where to order great quality products!

Check out our next blog post with more details on how to Displaying your Wedding Photos: Part 2!

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