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Now that you have your photos back from your photographer it is time to start thinking of displaying your wedding photos in a gorgeous way! Here are some of our favorite ways to display your photos.

Lay Flat Book

Our first favorite idea is to create an elegant lay flat photo album. There are many places you can order from but Shutterfly or Mixbook tends to be the least expensive, especially if you search for coupons first. You can go with a higher end website or work with your photographer to see what they suggest. The lay flat books are ideal because they do not curl up at the inseam making your photos look gorgeous on every page. This is a treasure that will last a lifetime. Perfect for bookshelves, coffee tables or nightstands!

Premium Lustre Lay Flat from Mixbook Photo


It is always great to order a few canvases or maybe one large one as a statement piece somewhere in your home. The entryway, over your couch or over your bed are all great options. Choose your favorite photo or photos for you to enjoy every day! While we love a good canvas, after a few years you may want to change out your décor/artwork. So, we suggest ordering a canvas through Groupon to save you hundreds of dollars. There are some quality canvases to order or talk to your photographer to see what they can offer or who they suggest.

Find more Inspiration on Canvas On Demand Pinterest Page

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are our favorite way to display any photo! They can be very unique to your family and style; you can change out the photos or frames whenever you want, and you typically won’t break the bank putting them together. Here are a few different options for gallery walls:

  • A Grid Wall: These walls are very aesthetically pleasing as all the frames are the same size and hung proportionately. You will need to measure your wall and pick an appropriate number of photos. Think 2 rows of 4 or 3 rows of 3. You will need to get all portrait or all landscape photos to keep it looking uniform.
  • Mixed Media Wall: These are a little more fun as you can incorporate other items than just photos. Think the first letter of your last name, Mr. and Mrs. Signs, poems or song lyrics, your dried bouquet from the wedding, or anything that is meaningful to your relationship.
  • The Match Wall: This is our favorite because it is a little mix between a Grid Wall and a Mixed Media Wall. Here you will likely have all the same type of frame, but different sizes and you do not have to worry about landscape and portrait. You can add in a couple other pieces as well to make it a little more fun.

Lastly, share your photos with family by making your wedding Thank You cards or your Christmas cards out of your favorite few photos. Your guests will love getting something special from the wedding after the Big Day. Again, we like Shutterfly for both products and you can always find great coupons.

Check out some of these different ideas that we found online to help decide what look is best for your space!

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Grid Wall by A Mix of Min
Mixed Media Wall
Match Wall

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