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Have you ever wondered why we wear wedding rings? Other than the obvious reason of letting the world know that you are “taken”. Wedding ring symbolism is actually very meaningful and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It all comes down to eternal love, which is what we promise to our significant other when we say our wedding vows.

Wedding Ring Symbolism

  • Rings are circles, which means infinity. There is no beginning and there is no end. Endless, like your love.
  • Wedding Rings are worn on the fourth finger (the ring finger) of the left hand because the vein in this finger leads directly to the heart.
  • Early wedding rings were woven from plants.
  • The first recorded evidence of wedding rings is found in Egypt over 3000 years ago!
  • Wedding rings began being made out of more durable materials to symbolize strength and permanence.

We love photographing up-close shots of wedding rings. You can often tell a lot about a couple with the design of their rings. Many rings have a lot of character from the style, material, or special designs. Pairing precious stones with nature or wedding bouquets, special wedding details or attire (like shoes or ties) or just having a blank canvas are all great options for close-up shots. Make sure your rings are ready for your photographer to get some up-close shots on the day of! You will treasure the beauty of not only your special rings but of the symbolism that they represent for the rest of your lives!

Check out some of the gorgeous rings we have been able to photograph over the years.

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