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Planning a wedding is stressful! It’s even more stressful when it’s during a global pandemic as we are currently experiencing. There are so many unknowns from one day to the next that even planning a date night can feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips we have picked up over the last few months to help you in your pandemic wedding planning process!

Staying Safe

Vendors are taking extra steps to make you and your guests feel at ease during the ceremony and wedding. Wearing masks and keeping to social distancing guidelines are top priority for the comfort of everyone in attendance. Photographers are taking additional steps by using long lenses so as not to have to get too close to anyone while still capturing special moments and details of your perfect day.

Use Local Sources

The internet is a bigger asset than ever during this pandemic. There are several ways that you look into different wedding vendors.

  • Check out for Colorado Wedding Vendors.
  • Join some local wedding related Facebook Groups to find other vendors, get tips from other brides or find inspiration.
  • Reach out to vendors to see if you can do virtual tours of their venues, rental supplies, florals, etc. Then do a Zoom call to get all the details, estimates, etc.

Virtual Weddings

What a fun idea and it shouldn’t break the bank. For those who have at-risk guests that may want to attend the wedding, offer them a solution to watch it instead. They won’t even have to get dressed up or travel!

Understand your vendors policies

When meeting or contacting vendors it’s so important to understand their policies. Specifically refund/cancellation policies during this time. The current pandemic has hit the whole wedding industry hard and can make for a real struggle for businesses to continue if refunds are requested. The best idea is to try to reschedule your wedding with current vendors. If they can’t reschedule then you will want to know if you will get a full or partial refund.

Wedding Wrist Bands

We just love this idea. As businesses begin to open up again and gatherings are permitted there may still be some people who are reluctant to ditching their mask or still wanting to keep their distance; but want to be there to support you and your partner on your big day. Consider offering different colored wristbands for guests to wear to let other guests know they’re feelings without any awkward moments.

  • Green wristband = I’m ready for hugs!
  • Yellow wristband = Let’s chat, but no touching!
  • Red wristband = I’m so happy to see you but please keep your distance!

Try not to get discouraged

This may be the hardest part. You will certainly run into obstacles during this time. Whether it be losing out on your perfect venue, or your grandparents not being able to attend. Maybe you were laid off and can’t afford to get married when you had planned. Believe that weddings are always stressful to plan and so you must have faith that everything happens for a reason. You will plan your wedding, it may not be what you thought it would be; but it will be beautiful and amazing none the less!

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