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Wedding Cakes have been around since Medieval times. While they may not have been as fancy as they tend to be now, they were a traditional part of the wedding. Here are some wedding cake traditions for your wedding!

Cutting the Cake

Couples cutting the cake together symbolizes the first activity the couple completes together. Another way of bringing the couple together and binding the marriage. Typically the couple cuts the first slice of cake for some fun photos and to feed each other and the caterer or baker will cut the rest of the cake for the guests.

Feeding each other

Originally, this was a symbol of commitment, showing love and affection which was a romantic gesture to be enjoyed by everyone at the reception. In recent years, smashing the cake in each other’s faces has become a new way of feeding each other. There is really no reason for this, other than to share some laughs with your partner and guests and get some epic photos!

Grooms Cake

Grooms cakes tend to be an opposite flavor than the main wedding cake. They tend to be smaller and individualize the groom since, let’s be honest, a lot of the wedding has to do with the bride. It is not a long-lived tradition but it’s fun to do!

Anniversary Cake

Many couples save the top tier of their wedding cake to eat on their one-year anniversary or a christening ceremony. Historically, christening ceremonies often happened within the first year of marriage. Often times your baker will make a small anniversary cake for you on your one-year anniversary that matches your wedding cake. Sometimes this is “free” or built into the price of the wedding cake so you pay for it a year ahead of time. Sometimes they may charge for the small cake at the time of your anniversary. You should ask your baker when setting up a cake tasting to find out what their policies are.

White Wedding Cake

White cakes used to be a symbol of wealth in Victorian times. The cake often matched the brides’ dress or florals. Wedding cakes today are often a reflection of the color theme of the wedding, or florals. They can be big or small, any color, design, etc.

We basically love all cakes and it’s always fun to see different styles, flavors, or looks for weddings. Often times the couple will have a smaller wedding cake made for the tradition and sheet cakes made in the same flavor to feed their guests. The baker or caterer can then slice up the sheet cake behind the scenes and serve them to your guests. This is a great way to save some money!

So what type of cake will you be serving on your big day? Will it be 3 tiers, white and traditional? Or maybe a naked cake with florals to match your bouquet? Maybe a small bride’s cake and a small groom’s cake to show off your different styles and favorite flavors? Whatever you decide to do we’re sure it will be delicious!

Check out some of the gorgeous, creative, and delicious cakes we have shot over the years. If you are looking for a photographer to capture your special day and your wedding cake traditions Contact me today and let’s chat!

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