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At Captured In A Flash Images we find that capturing the candid moments between the couple, friends and family can make for the most beautiful shots of the day. Of course we want to get the ceremony, the “I Do’s”, the First Kiss and First Dance, the Cake Cutting and Send Off and all the special moments in between; but the reason you invited all those who attend your wedding is because you want them to be as much a part of your big day as you and your significant other.

Capturing the candid moments really makes the day memorable. As the bride or groom you can’t be everywhere at once during your big day. You will miss many moments throughout the day while you are getting ready, dancing, eating, etc. as a photographer it is my job to capture as many of those moments as possible throughout the day. We love being able to share those moments with the couple after the Big Day.

Often times weddings are the only time family and friends may see each other in years. We have been able to capture those heart felt moments between old friends and distant families. Whether you have one photographer or two be sure to tell them what kind of photos you are wanting for the day.

Once the dress has been cleaned, the suits have been returned, the flowers have wilted and the cake has been devoured; we can offer you a look back on the best day of your life, with even more joy than you may have experience that day. Wedding Days are stressful; we’ve never met a couple who wasn’t at least a little stressed, nervous or just ready for the party to begin and the hard work to be over. Once you receive your photos back you can relive the day with no added stress. You can smile, laugh and cry through the memories and share them with your loved ones for years to come.

How to Capture Candid Moments

A great reason to hire a photographer with a second shooter is to have one photographer focus on the couple and one focus on the tiny details that have been so thoughtfully planned, and the guests enjoying their time so when you look back you see the joy that your wedding and love brought to everyone involved.

What makes for a great Candid Shot? When you aren’t posing for the photographer, when you don’t even know that someone is looking at your, when you are just being you; completely uninhibited you! Check out some of our favorite Candid Shots we have taken throughout the years.

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