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We’ve talked about it before but being in front of a camera can be unnerving. It’s hard to feel like yourself when you are “posing” and trying to look your best for your wedding photos. Here are a few tips that we suggest to be ready for the camera and to make sure the best version of you comes through the lens.

  1. Get to know your photographer – This may be the most important thing for you to do, because it’s very hard to loosen up or be yourself in front of a stranger. Grab some coffee, or a cocktail, become friends on social media, and do an engagement shoot prior to the wedding. All of these things will help you become fast friends and understand each others personalities and desires when it comes to your photography.
  2. Look your best – Most people always feel better after a little pampering. We suggest having your hair and makeup done professionally so you have one less thing to worry about and so you can de-stress and feel pampered and relaxed before your photo shoot (and your “I Dos”)!
  3. Be silly – Don’t be afraid to wiggle, dance, scream if that’s your thing! Most photographers love real, raw energy that comes from whomever they are shooting. It often times makes for the best photos when couples are just being themselves.
  4. Be as intimate as you want – Some couples are not into being intimate in front of the camera. So sometimes kissing or hugging can look very unnatural or just down right creepy! If it’s not your thing and it’s going to make you uncomfortable then don’t do it. Have a conversation with your photographer beforehand so they aren’t trying to pressure you into a situation that will make you clam up. There are many other ways of showing intimacy and love than just kissing on camera. Check out some of the gorgeous shots below for some inspiration.

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