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  Family Photos are a favorite of Captured In A Flash Images. It is always so fun to see the dynamic of different families when they get together. While we enjoy all types of family photos; from new families to anniversary pictures, one of our most favorite photos to capture is generation portraits.

There is nothing more special than seeing grandparents, their kids, and their grandchildren all in one photo. These are memories that will last lifetimes and it is so important to capture these photos at least once. Having a professional photographer do the job will take the stress out of it for you. Here are some tips on getting your family together for an amazing generation session.

Generation Photo Session Tips:

  • If you are wanting outdoor photos, then it is best to capture them as the sun is setting. This typically offers the best light for the photographer and will have the best turnout for the family.
  • If you are doing an indoor shoot you need to make sure that the area is set up and styled appropriately. Talk to your photographer about what they suggest for indoor shoots and see if they have a studio that can be styled appropriately.
  • If you have babies, it is fine if they are sleeping, it is precious and often turns out even better than if they are awake during the shoot. If you want them to be awake, try to work around a nap and feeding time…this may go for elderly grandparents as well 😉
  • Have an outfit choice for everyone. Try to keep it simple so you do not all have to buy new outfits (unless of course, you want to). We love white shirts with jeans, plaid outfits or everyone wear the same color, but they can vary. So, if you are all wearing blue someone may wear navy blue and someone may wear turquoise. It will look great regardless!
  • Have seating options. There are a lot of cute options for seating; Victorian couches, wood stools, a couple of large velvet chairs for the grandparents while the rest of the family gathers around them. This will make it a little easier to last longer if the grandparents are comfortable.
  • Lastly, remember to be silly! This is your family, and by the end of the day, I want to be part of your family too!

As with all photo shoots, it is important to come with a good attitude, not hungry, and know that it may take a little longer than expected. Adjustments are often needed to accommodate people, lighting, etc.

If you are looking for a fun, professional, and experienced team of photographers to capture your generational or holiday family photos, Contact Me today and let’s chat! Check out some of these photos that we have Captured In A Flash!

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